Friday, January 15, 2010

E V Day

This post begins with sadness..I can't find my camera!! Urg..I can't tell you how much this bugs me. Not so much that the camera is gone, but that it had so many vital pictures on it. All my end of semester student work is on that dang camera, I didn't have time to upload it before I left for holidays and now I have potentially lost it all. Dang. Dang. Dang.

So, for a while at least I will be posting pics I find elsewhere online. Like these amazing images of installation and sculpture artist, E. V. Day. Day's work addresses themes of feminism and sexuality through the lens of popular culture. Her signature explosion technique presents objects in a dissected form strung up with monofiliment, so we look at them differently. There is a very specimen like quality to the pieces she presents.

"Tongue Tied"

"Saarinen's Mother 2"

Some of her older work here presents edible crotchless panties or tongues stretched out and presented for our inspection. She moved into fabric dissection and pushed further her skill of presentation with the mono-filiment.

"Black Blue"

"Spidey Striptease"


Her most recent installation at the New York City Opera to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center presents 13 garments from the theatre's archive. Day gives new life to these garments that have been stored away for some time. Her careful selection and presentation of the garments give the entryway a very explosive welcome to the patrons of the new theatre.

Each piece of each garment is considered so carefully. I would LOVE to go and catch a glimpse of these beauties..

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