Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mark Bradford

I recently watched Season Four of PBS's ART 21 (Art in the 21st century) and I can not stop thinking about the artist Mark Bradford. He is a charming, excitable, and well versed but easy to understand artist from California. Language is a common theme in his work, and the variety of ways in which he understands language, through painting, collage/de-collage and performance are all very interesting to me. I really enjoy the simple yet really complicated way in which he discusses his affliction with language. Perhaps this is why he is included on the paradox section of the show. I also really enjoy how he talks about how being a maker is such a big part of what he does. I think I am going to show my class this segment and get them excited this week. Last full week of classes for the semester! Wahoo!

You can watch the full length segment here. Its only about 20 minutes and he is the first to go. Well worth the time! Check him out! Make sure you watch his video at the end. I think that is my favorite part.

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