Sunday, December 6, 2009

Iris Eichenberg - Pink Years Later

"In Between"


copper-plated silver, copper, enamel, nylons, beads, ribbon

"The Scale of It"


rose gold, rose quartz, wool, pink plastic.



silver- partly copper-plated, nylons, pink plastic, ribbon

"Wedding Bowl"


rose gold, rose quartz, pink plastic



Copper-plated silver, beads, nylons.

"Reflection of It"


silver, nylons, beads, leather, mirror, ribbon


Necklace / brooch for pocket.

copper, enamel, rose gold, pink plastic, nylons, beads, ribbon

"No Title"


rose gold, nylons, beads, pink plastic

Thank goodness that Ornamentum Gallery has put up a huge selection of images from the SOFA presentation of Iris Eichenberg's work. I absolutely can not stop thinking about this work! All of the work is so visceral and I read it as sexual too. Necklaces made of stockings referencing fetishes, dripping with beaded testicles and wide textured tongues resting on the breast of the wearer. Orifices lined more beads, plastic molded to look like curvy body parts...wrapped in silky satiny, skin...Rrraw! This is the ultimate seductive work. Eichenberg grabs a hold of us by our sense of touch and will not let us go! It is amazing to me how prolific she is. Her Tenement/Timelines series (2007) was just reviewed (in addition to pieces from her previous bodies of work) by Lisa Gralnick in the fall of 2008 in Metalsmith magazine, and since then she has already composed two new series of work! New Rooms and this enchanting group of sensual treats, Pink Years Later. What a role model! I would really love to be able to set a pace like this in my practice. And to be able to keep switching gears! Truly admirable. I like the cut of your jib, Ms. Eichenberg.

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so sexual..this is refreshing...