Monday, November 16, 2009

Lesley Dill at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Leslie Dill
Word Queen of Poetry
wire, steel
74 x 59 x 22

I just heard about an amazing show at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center called American Story. The show brings together artists who attempt to define the American Identity. Fifteen artists from all backgrounds fill the center with work that ranges from a Navajo Medicine Man to a Cuban artist whose work is banned even from his own country, this show looks to be an insightful critic on claim of identity. Considering the potency of immigration, globalization and cultural identity in contemporary art, this show looks to be a nice comment in the conversation.

I was made aware of this show because of the work of Lesley Dill, who is a New York artist who makes work that deals specifically with language and the metaphoric possibilities of language. Also considered in Dill's work is emotion, the body, clothing, adornment, poetry and communication all together. This sounds like an amazing show. I think I will have to go on Friday, it seems I just can't miss this one.

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