Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have just about finished my first 5 pieces for my jewelry line for Frankie's class. I have a few rings and a set of earrings and I really wanted to make a chain of molars but didn't want to fabricate them individually so I made a jig! It works really well too. My first jig! I'm so excited.

After making my jig I started to wonder, is working with a jig considered an industrial process? I feel like it is but I've only seen it on a handmade scale, with artists like Arthur Ganson who has this great jig to construct the gears he uses in his kinetic sculptures, which you can see here.

After looking for images of industrial jigs I found this great image from a company that specializes in making industrial jigs. And I realized... Of course jigs are an industrial process! So many industrial processes that I love watching on shows like Mr. Rodgers (waaaay back in the day) and How it's made, are nothing but a series of jigs working together! Yeah Industrial Processes!

Check out this fun how its made on how balloons are made. I love this balloon jig.

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Anonymous said...

wow...never knew how involved balloon making was...that is really neat!