Monday, November 9, 2009

Tobias Alm

I have been looking at jewelry again, and I've found Swedish Jeweler, Tobias Alm. I really love the freedom of his work. I also feel like the neckpieces would sit very well on the body. Looking at work from Jeweler's in Europe makes me wonder about the differences between an American and European Jeweler. Especially after working with Ruudt Peters in a workshop a few weeks ago, I feel like European jewelry is more about material exploration. It seems there are many many more artists who create compilations of material discoveries in one piece of work, which are completely toxic and captivating, but it makes me think about concept. Is that their concept? What role does concept play in the work of European artists and if they have the coveted work, why does concept play such a key role in American work?

I also went to SOFA Chicago this weekend and I got to see the new series, Pink Years Later, from German Artist, Iris Eichenberg. OH EM GEE!! I love love LOVE her work so much, so to see her new series in person first was so striking, considering the image is where I would normally see it first. She's working with pantyhose, satin, clumpings of little pink beads, and other seductive textures, yum! The work is so new that I can't even find images of it online anywhere, but it is so lovely. I have a postcard which I wont let out of my grubby hands anytime soon, so I will try to scan it and add it later, but hopefully she will put up images on her website soon. Its possible that images will pop up on her gallery site, Ornamentum Gallery soon as well.

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