Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Things have been VERY busy lately, but in a great way. I have work out at several shows right now and some other opportunities have come available to me as well. I can hardly keep up!

Here is an electronic postcard for the show I am in at the Luke and Eloy Gallery in Pittsburg, PA. Running from May 2nd until June 6th. I wish I could be there, but I'm still in school at that time, so I'm running around trying to finish my last piece before classes end.

I had some photographs up in a show at the Tool Shed in Milwaukee, which allowed the first year graduate students to put up work for the end of our first year. Because of the type of venue it is, we had a show called "Inter Course," which was curated to show work that all related to the body in some way. I took an exhibitionist approach, and photographed my pieces on my own body and showed the images. I was a little nervous at first, but it was very freeing! Thanks again Anna for the awesome photoshoot.

I also have a piece in Port Moody Wearable Art Awards - my first international show! I am very excited to be in my first international show, and that it is in Canada is very exciting to me as well. I wish I could be there as well for the fashion show, so I could see my garment go down the runway, but hopefully there will be images taken and I can find them online somewhere.

I also did this great performance this weekend. It totally relates to what I have been working on lately. I don't believe this is the appropriate time or place to reveal all the thought behind the piece, however I do have specific intentions. Also, it still isn't perfect..I still have a few things I want to do with it. Hopefully I can re stage it another time. Talk about working through the PAIN though..I crawled around on this cement floor for three days, and didn't really think about the physical element so much, but it definitely added to the piece. Here are a few quick stills.

The text reads:

I claim to be where I am
and I am not

I am not where you are either
I am not remembered

All I am
Is my love for you


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Anonymous said...

ok, this is the most awesome thing i've seen in awhile. how did you get the words to look well put together? tape? glue? everything is flowing so well. i love the red against the brownish- like cement. very cool stuff!