Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Response to Craft Talk

I did this amazing performance workshop with interactive artist, Jefferson Pinder on April 3rd at UWM. I blogged a little more detail about it on my other required blog for my performance class, Objectified Bodies. Before the workshop, Jefferson had us think about a video we found on you tube that described our personality, so of course, I picked the Craft Talk video I discussed below, because I think even though it is kind of silly, it begins a conversation about the argument of art vs craft, which I am heavily interested in. Also, because it was silly, I thought it would set the tone for a great day, which it did, we had a great group.

We talked about you tube in general, and its role in the artworld, art or not? It was an interesting conversation, and what it really made me think about is the fact that all mediums are having these conversations now. We all want to break out of these titles that bind us in one specific way of thinking. Those invisible lines that separate our departments and medium are so gone! Lovely to think that our children won't deal with these same separations one day, it will all just be art. Amazing to think that the same concepts that Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus starting investigating back in 1920's Germany are just now starting to be actualized.

So, we were required to make a short film responding to our initial inspiration video, which I did, and it was super silly. My limitation was time, for I only had about 10 minutes to make a 5 minute video, which ended up being a minute and a half. I tried to do the same thing that a lot of crafters do, which is find whatever you have lying around and make something amazing out of it. All those materials were lying around in my studio, and my attempt to make a sweater out of them is definitely not as nice as the Craft Talk video, but within a time constraint, I think I get my point across. I was really trying to carry over the comedy of the Craft Talk video, and although I had no time for edits, I hope that my message came through.

Here is just my video:

Here is a link to all of the videos, which all came from different inspirations.

Thanks again Jefferson! It was a great day.

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erica said...

ha! this cracked me up, i love the unexpected wheel over zoom-in the camera, yea! you are awesome.