Sunday, February 1, 2009

Modern Puppetry

I have started a new blog in which I will be responding to a variety of texts I will be reading for my "Body as Object" class I am taking this semester at UWM. The class is being taught by Colleen Ludwig and Heather Warren-Crow. I'm super excited about it. For our first day we had to do a variety of performance exercises like picking up imaginary objects and making noises and movements and getting others to follow our lead. Considering how intimidated I am at performing, perhaps this will bring me out of my shell! Especially considering we have 2 required public performances. But I am excited, and I am putting up my first blog post tonight. I will probably post here as well when I post there, just to let everyone know, so be sure to check it out, and please comment if you have something to add to the coversation. It should be fun!

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