Thursday, January 8, 2009

Durston Rolling Mill

I feel the need to take a few moments and confess my love for the brand new Durston Rolling Mill that was just installed in our graduate space at UWM.

Oh rolling mill, you sit there in front of me, taunting me. You beg me to roll your perfectly flat, never been touched rolls around my patterned metal, and I give in! How can I resist you? You are perfectly polished and greased, ready for years of love from UWM graduate students, and the occasional professor who suddenly has to roll some sheet down, just to be with you. You may be new rolling mill, but you are loved. I look forward to slowly forging my metal down, gauge by gauge, in your also perfect curved rolls. We will have many long nights together, I will play music for you and create for you--although sadly--I must share you soon. Because there will be others, but remember me DURSTON, I was your first. You are amazing, and I'm so glad you found me.

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