Friday, December 12, 2008

Arline Fisch Show at Racine Art Museum at NIGHT!!

I was finally able to get back to Racine at night to see the Arline Fisch show at the Racine Art Museum. I was very excited to see the show at night. I was a little disappointed with the minor movement of the pieces in the window. For some reason, I thought the pieces would be moving more than they were, and actually look as is they were swimming. The lighting at night still makes documenting the work just about impossible. However, I do like how the pieces seem to be swimming with this city of lights underwater. All the holiday lights have also been hung around town, so there are great reflections in the windows with these creatures. Arline had said something about wanting to add forms to the bottom as well, to look as if Sea Anemones or Coral are climing up from the bottom, which wasn't there yet so I wonder if she still plans to incorporate other pieces into this work.

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