Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toronto Queen's West Rail Path


It was so exciting to be in Toronto this weekend hanging with family.  Canadians were celebrating their May long weekend, Victoria Day, and it was totally gorgeous outside, which led to many picnics, daytime drinks and much late night chatter.

Although I have been to Toronto many times in the last 10 years, I have never visited the Queen's West Rail Path.  We walked it for the first time, right at sunset, and I totally fell in love.  A walking/biking path right along side the train.  Very scenic, a great way to avoid crazy Toronto traffic and easy moving for a large group through the city.  We hopped on at Dundas Street and off at the Junction, but it looks like the path runs all around the city.

 You can download the full map here

If you have not tried before, I highly, highly recommend.  Definitely more secluded than The High Line in NYC (at least at the location we were), but totally perfect for a lazy walk on a nice day.  It really only makes me more excited for construction to begin on the Chicago elevated walking path, The Bloomingdale Trail.

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