Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't Fret

Dear Don't Fret,

I've been living in Wicker Park for about a year now and I love discovering your work everywhere I walk.  I just love the personality of your characters.  They all seem like people I would like to know or just people I'd just love to start a conversation with.   I absolutely LOVE the tattooed granny and hope to be her one day.  Please continue making my day with new great characters and I will keep photographing and promoting.  Each piece keeps getting better and better.

Also, I plan to move to Logan Square in a few months.  Can you bring a few of your pieces up there?

You are amazing.  Thank you.  That is all.


Check out this great interview with don't fret during his latest solo show at the maxwellcolette gallery on fatcap.

gentleman with nun puppet
Milwaukee & Wood
January 2012 

four large format paintings in the Carson Pirie Scott & Co building
Wabash & Monroe
 May 2012
"Born to be Wild" Granny with tattoos
unknown location and date

mama with two babies
milwaukee just north of damen
April 2012

Shoe shine $1 american
milwaukee in front of St. Alfred near Fluevog
 May 2012

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