Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tradesman: Making an Art of Work

This is a new documentary that I am really looking forward to. Richard Yeagley has created this documentary to highlight the necessary work that tradespeople do, that as a culture we consider somehow less valuable than academic pursuits. Yeagley seeks to highlight the fact that we all desire people to do this work, yet somehow have a bias towards manual labor. I like that he's asking these questions, trying to get some conversations started about how we got here and why we think this way. The documentary is scheduled to premier on May 12th at the Charles Theater in Baltimore, Yeagley's home town. Check out more videos on the documentary's website here. I think my favorite one is the historic video that talks about how the Industrial Revolution created a need for these jobs, unions and an entire middle-class! And I always love watching those old shop videos. Especially since union rights has been such a heated topic in Wisconsin lately, it was nice to see some more support for the people that make so much of our daily lives function.

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