Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zack Noble

At one point during my iron workshop at Penland, we pulled our noses out of the coal, got cleaned up, left the mountain and visited Zack Noble and his studio. Zack was very generous to have us all in his space and to show us around for so long. He showed us what he was experimenting with on his power hammer, some architectural drawings of a new gate he is working on and just let us wonder around his space. What a cool place! So many exciting things lying around...

Zack was awarded a core fellowship at Penland and since has been living and working at his studio in Bakersville, which is not far away at all. I am told he is best known for his innovative forging style. He has a long list of examples of his work on his very cool website, including my personal favorite, a railing he did in Telluride, Colorado.

Also on his website are a few videos that show some of his processes, my favorite is the tube squashing. I can't wait to try that out sometime!

This little sample is what Zack was working on when we invaded on him that sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Before we left, Zack was kind enough to turn on his Lobdell electro-pneumatic nazel power hammer for us. This thing is the real deal. The beauty of it is that it can work really delicately or powerfully, just depends on how much you push it. I love that this is part of the blacksmith's workshop! The big 'ol machines were made for industry back in the industrial revolution, and now they have made their way into artisan hands. Love it! Look at this old picture I found of Zack's model....Also check out the video of him turning on his hammer for us. Thanks Zack!

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