Sunday, September 5, 2010

Elizabeth Brim

Touring of Blacksmith shops in and around Penland would not be complete without a visit to the shop of Elizabeth Brim. Brim is not only a splendid time to chat with, she is a leader in the field, constantly contributing back by way of teaching and mentoring and a role model for all women in the field. In her work she makes lacy, frilly and soft (looking) objects from steel. How cool!

These flowers are extras from a commission where she made a full size magnolia tree in downtown Spruce Pine, not too far from her studio.

Brim was ready for us! She had all her goodies laid out, objects, tons of pictures, name it! She also had lots of stories to share with us and, of course, turned her power hammer on for us. I especially loved her power hammer because it is so much different than any of the others we saw. Thanks E.B.!!

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muggs45 said...

Great to see you and your work again....LOVE! your "hammer"....
Be Well
Stay Safe
and Keep on keepin on.
Paul M.