Sunday, October 5, 2008

Act/React Show

On Friday I went to an artist Panel Discussion about the new show that opened on Saturday at the Milwaukee Art Museum. "Act/React" is a show compiled of work created by Liz Phillips, Brian Knep, Camille Utterback, Daniel Rozin, Scott Snibbe and Janet Cardiff (who I will be soon be related to once Dave and I get married, pretty cool, eh?) all of which were present at the panel discussion except for Janet Cardiff. The discussion was interesting. They talked about why they consider their work "interactive," considering all artwork, and just about everything is interactive, yet their work actually changes because of human interaction. A lot of the work is also dependent on technology. I thought it was great to go there and hear them speak because my work is also interactive, in the was that is it worn, and activated by the body, but it does not change necessarily--it is actually activated by interaction and it exists in that activation with the human body. One of the coolest pieces I heard them speak of was the work of Danny Rozin, who has work in the Act/React show that is different than this piece, but I just had to show it because I think it is amazing. It is a series of wooden pegs that rotate in reflection of whatever image is in front of them.

I haven't actually seen the entire show yet, but I am hoping to go later today to see it all. I also have a studio visit on Monday with Camille Utterback, which is great because at the lecture she was talking about how when she started, she would convince her friends in college to wear things and perform for her, so I'm excited to hear what she thinks about what I am working on.

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