Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Graduate School Readings

Last night I had my first Philosophy and Concepts class, which is my introduction into the world of theory in the art world. Every week we are required to read between 75-150 pages in addition to watching videos, listening to lectures (online in addition to our class time) , we make 2 individual 20 minute presentations, and 1 group presentation, as well as writing 3 papers ranging from 3-5 pages upwards of 13-15 pages. WOW. I am going to be busy. What I like about this class is that all the first year grads have to take it, so we have a variety of people, and because of that we are studying the gamot. Everything from photography to performance. Although it seems like a lot of work, I feel like I will really grow after this class. But wow..what a reading list... Well, I've always had a problem with reading slowly, so now I will get a chance to practice! And of course as I am reading and seeing cool stuff, I will post about it.

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