Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  It turned out to be much more than I had expected.  My life has changed in so many wonderful ways since my mini metalsmith, Hazel, has entered my world.  My husband totally spoiled me by giving me an entire day in the studio, complete with a coffee drop-off in the middle of the day and dinner, flowers, chocolates and a massage coupon waiting for me when I got home.  I am still kind of shocked.  How did Mother's Day turn into another birthday or anniversary day?  I'm not complaining!  Being a mom is hard work.  I'm glad there is a day that everyone takes time to appreciate how much sacrifice goes into taking care of a little one.  Mostly, I am still surprised at how emotional I got seeing everyone else's photos of their moms and reading their sweet words on social media. I mean, I always did that stuff when I was a kid, because you're supposed to, but something about being a mom and reading those words from the other side does something to you.  Motherhood has been a powerful shift in my world. It has impacted the way I see the world and the reason why I make artwork.  I am so thankful for this little girl.  At five months old, I have already gone through a lot of ups and downs.  She is the sweetest little thing and I am so excited to watch her grow into an amazing woman.

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