Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sometimes I take photos at night

For any of you who have had a chance to chat with me for more than about five minutes after August of last year, I have probably brought up that my husband and I bought our first home last year in the historic and totally awesome neighborhood of Logan Square in Chicago.  The nerve racking negotiations of purchasing the home, and on multiple occasions thinking there was no way we would or could actually own it, make the fact that it is ours now even sweeter.  It's pretty often that Dave and I look at each other and remark "we actually LIVE here.."  Aside from the fact that this section of Logan Square is developing every day, with new great restaurants and bars like Scofflaw (named best new bar by Chicago Magazine),  Ground Control and Parson's Chicken and Fish popping up all around us, we actually have a little yard and the house itself is our perfect idea of a home.  I am head over heels in love with this place.  A few weeks ago, I couldn't sleep and decided to take out my camera and play around with with slow shutter speeds to capture our house at night.  It was just after one of the many snow storms that hit us in late February, so there was some great light reflecting everywhere outside.  I especially enjoyed the streaks of light as the cars passed by while the shutter was open and the quietness of the house next door that was burned down by lightning in the fall.  It's nice to just take a few moments to be thankful for where we are in life and appreciate how lucky we are.

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