Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mild Steel and Nylon Stocking Jewelry by Sarah Holden

New work by me.  forged, fabricated and welded steel with knotted nylon stockings. brooches and neckpieces.  More info about my work here.

The struggles to obtain prestige and power are active in my objects.  Utilizing the formats and histories of badges, medals and trophies, my objects negotiate power through material, process and function. Rigid industrial steel is heated to red-hot and through the muscular process of blacksmithing is rendered into delicate and ornate curves.  Silky and fleshy stockings are transformed into structural knotted veins that control and maintain shape and order.  Presenting objects where material expectations are reversed yet opposing materials visually relate works to confront my conflicted relationship of expected power roles. 

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