Friday, September 2, 2011

Introduction to Metal Sculpture

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be teaching Introduction to Metal Sculpture at the Evanston Art Center starting September 12th.  Not only is the EAC the only art center in the Chicago Area to offer workshops and classes in steel fabrication, but they have incredible opportunities for artists and some pretty exciting shows.

The upcoming exhibition, Dimensional Lines: art and dress, is an example of one of the unique and interesting shows.  The Evanston art center invited a group of established local artists to collaborate to create the exhibit, Dimensional Lines, which explores the relationship between art and fashion.  As a maker who is interested in where these two mediums collide, or intersect, I am very excited for this show to open Sept 11.

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aeverhaven said...

I never realized all that goes into making a Metal Sculpture. Very informative!