Sunday, August 21, 2011

City Museum

Last weekend while in St. Louis we visited one of the coolest museums I've ever been to. The City Museum is a 600,000 square foot maze of welded steel tunnels, slides and climbing structures housed in a former ten story international shoe company building. The founder and sculptor responsible for the creation of this St. Louis favorite is Bob Cassilly. Bob employs a crew of over 20 artisans who have constructed and are continually adding to the museum since its opening in 1997. Cassilly and his team include materials only found in St Louis, giving the city museum its urban roots. What a super cool time. It's open until 1:00am and we ran, climbed and slide our way through as much of the ten floors as we could in five hours and still didn't see it all. If in St. Louis, it's a must. I would totally travel there again just to try to find all the crevices I couldn't find before.

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Johannah said...

One of my BIL's is from St. Louis, and we've been hearing about the City Museum from him and his kids (K's 3 nephews) for years now. Definitely on my bucket list!