Saturday, November 6, 2010


I ended up staying in Chicago tonight and went over to Mike Ruta's show of rings, 20/3/20. Not only was their space huge and amazing but they did a great job presenting the rings in the show. The rings were presented on a few salvaged boards hanging in the middle of the room and secured with a cable tied to the boards. Mike showed me his studio in the front corner of the room (which had a very nice vice and drill press...I'm totally jealous) and several guests hanging, chatting and sipping on beers. What an excellent idea to have such a chill show at the same time as SOFA, which is totally crazy all day long. Also, Mr. Jaime Bennett was there, introduced himself as Frank, or something that wasn't Jaime Bennett but I knew better. I see you Mr. Bennett. Very nice selection of rings included in the show. I'm very glad I was invited to participate. Hard to believe everything was created in 3 weeks! It isn't set up yet, but in next week sometime you should be able to see all the rings as well as images of each of the artist's studio spaces on a website that Mike setup here. Thanks Mike for including me in the show!

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