Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sky High Mural Project

 Mural by Neon Danger

I love seeing Milwaukee making news on my favorite worldwide blogs!  This time, while perusing on My Love for you is a Stampede of Horses, Meighan interviewed Faythe Levine about her new project, The Sky High Mural Project.  The Project invites local artists to create a mural which will be temporarily (looks like monthly) installed outside of Sky High skate shop in Bayview.  It sure is nice to have some exposure!

Until the end of August you can see the work of Alyssa Schulte (aka neon danger), however expect to see Kimberly Weiss, Colin Matthes, and Vanessa Devaki Andrew in the future.  Thank you so much Meighan!  I will be keeping an eye open for these..

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