Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wahoo! I made it! And its actually warm and muggy here. I kinda love it. I remember how gross it is to be sweaty and have frizzy hair all the time because its always so freakin warm, but I don't care. I'm wearing flippy flops and no jacket and I am loving it!

and I made it to the pin swap last night and what a crazy time! I saw SO many people I was awesome! So great to catch up with everyone and hear how everyone is doing. The last time I went I didn't really know many people, so far this time is way better. That being said, I am still totally unknown, why did I think people would come up to me and ask, "Hey wait..Are you Sarah Holden??" Yeah, so that hasn't happened yet. I'm guessing it probably won't. Oh well. I'm flying under the radar and that's fine with me.

I scored at the pin swap..some of my favorites are Gabriel Craig, Arthur Hash and Danielle James. There is a huge list of events today, and its going late. I'm especially excited for the exhibition in motion. Its a Fashion show of models wearing artwork. I'm excited to see if the work gets as outrageous as fashion or if its reserved. My hope is for the former.

I also grabbed a bunch of cards last night too. So far these are some of my favorites..

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