Sunday, October 11, 2009

Isabell Schaupp

Searching for artist images for my students who are just starting their newest projects has lead me to the work of the German Jeweler, Isabell Schaupp. I really enjoy the line work in her pieces which exists somewhere in between two and three dimensional physical extensions. I love the material choices in the work, the use of steel and enamel compliment each other well. Her funnels and months series contains several pieces with tubular extensions reaching from them that she considers to be organs, which function as communication tools between the inner and outer world. Each piece has between 28 -31 funnels, which represent days in the month. I like this new sensoral system which Schaupp has manifested, perhaps leading us to understand some sixth sense.

Brooch: Tentacle creature 2008
Silver, copper, fotoenamel
13,5 x 92, x 4,7 cm

Brooch: Rolling cactus 2009
Silver, copper, fotoenamel, plastic, lava, textiles
7,3 x 6,1 x 3,7 cm

Brooch: Month-brooch 2 2009
Silver, iron, copper, fotoenamel, white agate
15,5 x 14,3 x 3,6 cm

Brooch: Month-brooch 6 2009
Iron, copper, fotoenamel, silver, white agate
11,5 x 9 x 3,9 cm

Book: Month-brooch 5 2009
Iron, copper, fotoenamel, silver
18,8 x 9,8 x 1,2 cm

Brooch: Month-brooch 8 2009
Iron, copper, fotoenamel, plastic, silver
17,5 x 13 x 2,8 cm

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