Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jim Charles Trunk Show

Elaine Erickson Gallery 9-12-09

I've never been to a trunk show before, but considering I've had a few friends have them before and this is definitely a possibility for me in the future, it was nice to go and see Jim's show. The pieces were all resting on a simple piece of muslin, separated by a drawn pencil outline perimeter in which each piece rested. All this seemed to make sense, considering Jim's work is so much about the line. The less expensive, simple pieces were on the left side moving towards the more expensive complicated pieces towards the right side. When I was there towards the end of the show, it looked like there were several of the smaller, less expensive pieces that sold. I also noticed that most of the people I saw were friends and family, and I wonder if there were other returning clients or collectors that were invited to come see the work, and if so, did they purchase?
I find myself wondering how profitable a show like this is...what is the benefit of having it in a gallery space, versus having a jewelry party hosted by friends and family? Is the percentage that you give the gallery for hosting and presenting your work less or more than what you could earn if you had it at your own home and invited your most important clients (family and friends of course!)
Obviously, I don't know the answers, since I have never had a show like this, but I guess one day I will find out, when its my turn to have a trunk show...I guess it all depends on where you are, the economic climate you are in and who likes your work!

Jim Charles Trunk Show

So, this image is hard to see, but this is my favorite, favorite, favorite piece. Two different lengths of this beautiful chain, which I have come to know Jim's work by. Soft, yummy high karat gold set against oxidized silver. Really really beautiful. Looks like spider legs and sticks..kinda creepy but really beautiful. Lovely. Wish I could make a purchase, not today, but I really enjoyed the show!

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