Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Inspirations from life

1. Morwenna Catt and her amazing phrenology heads. She makes a variety of fairly grotesque stuffed pieces, body parts and animals, all utilizing a gritty, frightenting aesthetic, but accomplished very well in fiber, so it really makes you re-think the grotesqueness of it all. Her use of line in her drawings makes me understand the objects better and I love how she incorporates x-rays into her work...very smart but discussing the same thing, insides..

2. The paper folds of another UK artist, Polly Verity are totally blowing my mind right now. I am trying to wrap my head around how she makes these folds. I've been scoring my paper and trying to make my own patterns which is so incredibly tough. What she has done with paper is so amazing, and I know if I can get anywhere close in paper, what I could do in metal has an incredible amount of outcomes. More to come on this...this is on my backburner..I am slowly trying to figure this out while I am working on other things. PS--Polly, you are AMAZING..

3. Uber cutie pie Susie Bubble and almost everything she puts up on here blog, (including that amazing jacket that looks like skin!!!) Style Bubble is her blog, and it is so much fun to look at all the funky dressers out there..makes me feel not so weird compared to what I see here. Also found on her awesome blog...

4. This work by PristineSmut


5. These amazing garments by Irina Shaposhnikova. See the entire runway show is truly amazing.. Russian born Shaposhnikova who just completed her MA Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp has created this amazing collection of garments which are not only extending the body, but also act like a setting and have "set" the body for all to see.

6. Which reminds me incredibly of historical garments like bustles, corsets and panniers which I find especially interesting. Not just the way in which they exaggerated and manipulated the body, but the way in which they became a moral and ethical staple in required dress of a woman. And how now we talk about how cruel they were, but we have now turned to exaggerated exercising and surgery to perfect the human body..Which is really worse?

7. The raunchy, weird, disturbing work of Cistas, from Budapest. I like how he brings the inside to the external, and just makes you do double take...these animals are not friendly..or maybe they are, they just look horrible. I really want to investigate these little buggers..I feel like if I could look at one up close I would discover a lot that I can't from these pictures...truly disturbing..

8. The beautiful work of Nikki Bergman. She graduated from New Paltz, and I know she calls these pieces fetishes, but I can't find much more about them, although I would LOVE to find out some more about what she is interested about fetishes...I'm a fetish fan too. I can't even remember where I got these images, but I look at them all the time.

9. These lovely fashions by Leanne Marshall. I love how they look like the beautiful paper folds that I am trying to figure out and I love how they fall on the body. I think fashion is so interesting to me because of what it communicates about the wearer. Jewelry does this as well, so I guess i am mostly interested in THAT..this non-verbal cultural communication that we all seem to understand through ornamentation. Super interesting when you really start to think about it..

10. Husband. Just cause he's so super cool.

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