Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clark Collection of Mechanical Movement

There are so many exciting things to see here in Boston. I am really surprised and overwhelmed by how much there is to go to and do! I am starting to run out of weekends as my time here is about half done, however in the last few weeks I have seen some amazing art exhibitions, musicians at great little venues around town and generally pretty impressed with what Boston has to offer.

One of the coolest things I've seen so far (only second to the amazing, amazing space at Mass Moca in North was truly breathtaking..) is this automated collection of mechanical movement. I've been interested in movement and Henry Brown's 507 Mechanical Movements book was recommended to me as well as this exhibit. The 120 mechanical models were created by American Engineer William M. Clark in the early 1900s, and based off of Brown's book which was orginially published in 1871, which you can tell by the drawings. The combination of the book as well as actually seeing the mechanisms could answer just about any questions on mechanics you might have.

The exhibit was lovely, but quite unassuming. When I got the the Museum, I asked for it specifically, and no one knew what I was talking about, but I knew it was there, so I figured I would just walk and find it. I was quite surprised to find it outside the bathrooms on the first floor, appearing just to be entertainment as you wait for loved ones in the loo. This was the main attraction for me!! I have taken several videos and I apologize upfront for the quality, but I was literally fighting to get images without 10 kids in them, and of course, since they are behind glass, there is quite a reflection, but I think you can still get the gist.


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