Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazingly Discounted Tools

Since I moved to Milwaukee in August, businesses have been closing down left and right. The ones I have mostly noticed have been the clothing boutiques, specifically on the east side, around the studio. Since I walk around most places on the east side, I tend to notice these businesses a bit more. I have taken advantage of clothing sales, getting 50 and 60 percent markdowns, which really help this student. Sadly, one more business added to that list recently is Out of Solitude on Brady Street. However the fall of another independent is not all sad. Although this wonderful business - who has offered bench job training to so many graduates of the Metals Program at UWM over the years - is moving on, they are having this amazing sale this weekend of all their jewelry and tools. Yesterday, Yevgeniya, Frankie and I went and took at look at all of their stock. There were so many tools and supplies they have collected over the years and were selling very cheap. I picked up some great tools for myself, including ring files, escapement files, a B&S gage, some really nice pliers and chasing tools. Most of these items were on my master list of tools I need, but can't afford. So, I'm very sad they have to do this, but by passing on these great tools to people like myself, the young jewlers that were working there (they got first dibbs, and some of them REALLY scored) Out of Solitude is passing the torch and giving us an opportunity to make some really great work with quality tools. I was so excited I worked in my studio late last night making some fun work. And I have been working mostly in fiber lately, but last night was such a rush, I can't wait to get back into the studio and working on my metalwork.

Other than the great tools I got for myself, the jeweler's bench Yevgeniya got for herself, and the rectifier and vintage polisher Frankie got for himself, we also got some great deals on tools for the Graduate Studio at Kenilworth. Like this amazing ring stretcher! I almost bought one a few weeks ago, but the cheapest one I could find was $125 and another $25 for shipping, and it was no where near the quality of this one. Yesterday we got this guy for only $25! And it has already been broken in, everything is in great condition. He needs a little cleaning, but I'm running into the studio today to set him up. That table behind him is the table next to the windows that is the table that is going to have all of our tools that do not need electricity, like our pump hydraulic press, beverly sheer, and now ring stretcher. We are actively buying and hope to have an opening celebration with all tools installed in May.

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