Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eleanor Moty

What a cool lady! Today I went to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to watch and listen to Eleanor Moty as she gave us some really great bench tricks. She's been making jewelry for such a long time, so really had some good ones lined up for us. Like chopping off the end of a sewing needle that is the same thickness as your metal (say 20 guage) and then you have an automatic scribe for the exact thickness of metal! What a great day. I also got a chance to see the "Women in Metal" which was a great show put together by the faculty at UW-Whitewater, Susan Messer and Teresa Faris, celebrating women who make jewelry and metal artwork and are educators in Wisconsin. Not only is my current professor in the show but my undergrad professor was in the show too. AND I heard she was there last night, but I missed her because I had to work for my assistantship hours, so I missed her, which is a total bummer. However, today was great and the show looks amazing! Great Job Ladies!!

Here is a link to info about the show:

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