Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today I sent off my BFA postcards. I sent them to my friends, peers, and those that I may not know personally, but I certainly know your work and I wanted you to see mine. It is quite exciting actually. I makes me think of future work and how much better its going to get, the people in my future, and just that is pretty exciting. My future that is.

I also just finished the final edit on my statement.

Although we are told not to judge “a book by its cover,” when it comes to people we most certainly do. Dress and adornment provide clues to our identities that allow others to decode and understand more about us. The Rockabilly subculture was an unknown to me until moving to Richmond, and as a visual investigator, movies, music and dress led me through this sexy, classic, powerful way of life. Music influences the Rockabilly style to the same degree that hairstyles offer on of the most visible clues to our identities. This series is about the relationship between the sex appeal of the rockabilly hairstyle and the how music influences that style.

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I made it..finally. Just wanted you to know that people really read these. Good luck.